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Creating extra surveys

Ask any question, gather all the information you need


Similar to the subscription forms, the custom surveys allows you to create forms so you can gather information from your participants.

The custom surveys module allows you to create a number of extra surveys that can help you gather extra information such as pre-registrations, accomodation preferences and participant availability.

For international tournaments or leagues, you will be able to create custom surveys per language, so if your participants are using Noombers in they native language, they will see the survey in the same language if available.

Moreover all the question functionality from the subscription forms is also available for the surveys, meaning that you will be able to chose your question types(text, dropdown, checkbox) and select whether the question is mandatory or optional.

Last but not least, you will of course be able to see the answers of the survey and analyze them within Noombers or just export them to excel or csv for offline use.