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Creating your subscription forms

Enabling easy and fast subscription to your tournaments


Finding participants and managing the registrations for a tournament is usually one of the most difficult and time consuming aspects. It involves everything from creating your subscription forms, distributing them and accepting the teams that best fit your requirements.

With Noombers' subscription forms you can do everything in one place, without having to worry wheather you missed out something. Starting with your questions, you can create an unlimited amount so don't worry about limitations and always remember that a shorter form is easier to fill in by your participants.

When creating your questions you will also face a lot of customization options such as chosing the question type(text or dropdown), selecting wheather it is required or not, selecting for which divisions/categories does this question apply.

Last but not least, you can easily customize the messeges that your participants will receive when applying and being accepted. This way you can make sure that they will always be informed about the next steps.