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Keep participants informed at any stage of your tourney


Communications is one of they most important and difficult aspects of creating a tournament. Noombers provides you with a set of tools and features that will make the process easier and more straightforward.

In some cases you will need to inform all your participants about certain information. The annoucenements feature is perfect for that. It allows you to create a global message for all your participants. To guarantee that they will not miss it, the message will be displayed on the tournament page, sent via a notification within Noombers and of course sent via email.

Making announcements is no the only feature that will take advangate of Noombers automatic notifications. Notifications will make sure that your tournament participants are always informed for the actions that matter, such as accepting and rejecting participants in your tournament, assigning draws, scoring matches and making announcements.

Once your have the participants of your tournament, one of the easiest way to communicate to them is using visuals. For this purpose you can use the tournament gallery to upload photos of the venue, the teams, the fields and of course, action photos from the matches.

Last but not least, sharing your tournament to social networks has never been easier. Just use the share buttton on the tournament page and chose the social network you want to share to.