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Keep detailed track of all goals, penalties and achievements in your competition.


Once your tournament has kicked off, it is important keep track of all statistics and highlights. Noombers provides you with a number of features that will make the process easier.

Adding highlights to specific times and players will allow them to collect their statistics and compare themselves to other players.

Moreover, consistently adding the scores will allow players to keep close track on the progress of the tournament, where their team is in the standings and of course, get motivated to play even harder in next round.

For live scoring, Noombers provides you with a mobile inferface that allows you to easily score matches, with just a few clicks. By following the step by step logical process, scoring will become an easy and natural part of a match.

If you don't have access to internet or just prefer a more traditional way of scoring, Noombers provides you with match specific scoring sheets which will already include a time stamp, players list and all the information you will need.

Last but not least, in case you want to allow the participants to score their own matches, we got you covered. As a security measure, every administrator will receive a notification when a match has been scored, this notification will also say who has scored the match.