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Standings & Statistics

Keep track of scores and penalties, create leaderboards and MVP statistics.


Once you have started adding results to your tournament, it's important to be able to visualize the standings. Noombers will automatically take care of everything for you. Whether you have a league with different groups/categories or you have an elemination bracket, the standings and leaderboards will automatically calculated and generated based on the highlights. Moreover, when running a league, you will be able to easily order your standings table based on the statistics that matter for you. This will provide you both you and your participants with an easy and informative experience that can help bring improvements to the pitch.

For those of you who have a elemination bracket, no worries. The progression of the bracket will be automatically managed by Noombers, as long as the results are filled in. The simple interface will allow you to easily navigate between matches and visualize the progression of one specific team.

Once the results of the first matches start coming in, the automatic leader tables will be generated. Depending on the sport of your tournament, different leader tables will be available. For football sports you will get tables such as goals, assistances, red and yellow cards. If you have an Ultimate tournament, leader tables will cover statistics such as spirit of the game, goals, assistances and interceptions.

For Ultimate tournaments we have an extra leaders table called MVP. The MVP(most valuable player) is calculated based on a sum of individual highlights per player(goals, assistances and interceptions).