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Format & Matchmaking

Create any league or elimination format that your tournament requires


The Formating and Matchmaking module of Noombers will give you all the functionality you need to create any tournament/league format. As a start you will be able to create division/category specific format which will allow you to have different size divisions, without concerns about structure.

To make it easier on tournament organizers, Noombers already provides you with a few format templates. If you decide to chose a template, you will still have all the flexibility without any limitations. Moreover, when chosing a template you will be able to set up some extra customization such as amount of teams per group, amount of teams/players per group and the amount of rounds in a knockout stage. Once loaded, the format template will allow you to cusomize anything from the group names, number of rounds, amount of participants and many more.

Does your tournament have extra stages and/or looser rounds, Noombers has you covered.

Considering that assigning participats is one of the most time consuming aspects of formating, we have provided you with a flexible and easy to use functionality that will allow you to add participants from the ones that have applied and have been accepted or simply add a participant based on results from a previous stage(e.g. adding group winners to knockout bracket).

Last but not least, we have added automated functionality to manage looser brackets and bying spots in knockout formats.