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Adding & removing admins

Add extra admins to your tournament for easier management


Priviledges module is meant for tournaments/leagues that have a organization team. If you need help with the creation, management of scoring of your tournament, adding extra administrators can help you optimize that process.

To add extra administrators you will be able to chose from Noombers users as well as inviting someone by email. Other administrators will have full priviledges to your tournament.

If you have created a tournament for someone else or you are no longer the owner, you can easily transfer ownership with a few clicks. A tournament can have only 1 owner.

Last but not least, in case you want to allow the participants to score their own matches, we got you covered. By selecting 'yes' on the 'Players can score' will allow players to score their own played matches. As a security measure, every administrator will receive a notification when a match has been scored, this notification will also say who has scored the match.