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Create the time schedule of your tournament based on your fields/playing spaces


Noombers' scheduling module gives you a wide range of possibilities to ensure that you can create your schedule it the way that fits you best.

The automatic scheduling module will allow you to create the full schedule of your tourmament within minutes. It's flexibility will allow you to choose which matches you want to schedule, on which days off the week will the matches take place, whic are the available fields and the match specific parametrs such as initial starting time, match duration and time between matches. Don't worry, once you create your first schedule you will be able to easily modify it in case there are exceptions in your schedule.

If you prefer to do it manually or make changes to the automatically generated schedule, you can always use the calendar view to visualize your schedule. The calendar view provides a clear schedule per field and is extremely useful when solving scheduling conflicts. This is also very similar to what your participants will see on your tournament page calendar.

If you wish to change specifics about a match, the contextual scheduling menu will help you do that. Once you select a match you will be able to easily modify it's settings such as date, playing space/field, starting time and duration. In case there are any conflicts with matches overlapping, Noombers will let you know so you don't have to worry about it.

Last but not least, you can use the list of matches to get an overview of all matches within a group/category.