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Setting up fees & payments

Create your tickets, set up your fees and choose the payment methods


The Noombers payment management and collection system will help you manage everything related to payments in your tourament. From setting up your tickets and fees to managing the payment and customizing collection methods.

Noombers allows you to create multiple tickets and fees for your tournament. If you have a different price for early bird tickets, no worries. If your tourmament includes accomodation, transport or food, you can also create extra tickets for those fees.

Once you have created your first fee you will be able to customize the details such as currency, amount, due date and description. This will allow you to create customized fees and tickets that you can apply to different divisions or to all of them at once.

After setting up the fees you will be able to create specific payment instructions and chose the payment methods.

Currently Noombers supports payments via Paypal, which allows using a paypal account or a credit card to complete a payment. To enable this functionality you will need to connect your Paypal account to Noombers. If you want to know more about collecting payments via Noombers, visit our Payment collection page Paypal

Last but not least, once you have set up the collection methods you will be able to keep an overview of who has paid and who hasn't, see payment details, add custom tickets to specific participants, see a history of all payment attempts and many more.